11 . 09 . 2014


"I think a lot, y’know. About all sorts of things!"


"All sorts of people, even. I mean, there’s no reason t’be assumin’ you’re special."

Erik can probably tell he’s lying, but the Doctor has to at least pretend to have some remaining dignity here.

"You’re really bein’ difficult.  You should probably take me out t’make up for it. Manners, and all.”

The mutant places a hand over his heart, feigning shock.

"My word. Is this what your plan was? To get me to take you out? Well I never. Never in a million years would I have thought that you would resort to such underhanded tactics. You should be ashamed of yourself, Doctor.” Of course he is saying this without the slightest bit of animosity and that damned smile still plastered all over his face.

"When shall I take you?"

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"That’s! That’s not-“


"That’s not at all what I said, Erik!"

And no, he’s not flustered! The Doctor doesn’t get flustered, and the Doctor especially doesn’t get flustered over Earthlings!

Compliments, though, he’ll take more of those. Just like that he’s grinning back, previous grievances already entirely forgotten. Damn!

"Y’know what?" To hell with it, he’s obviously caught. Fortune favors the bold, "Maybe, maybe I was thinkin’ of you.”

"Maybe?" The old codger says, not so subtly rubbing his victory in the Doctor’s lovely face.

"Well, at least that is some sort of a confession. Let it be known that the dear, sweet Doctor was thinking of little ol’ me.” And the mutant had been thinking of him, but unlike a certain someone he was going to keep his cards on the table.

1 month ago


Me? Thinkin’ about you?”


"Pish, posh! I just…"

Can’t think of an excuse quick enough, apparently, “I just! Saw some magenta, which has very obvious connections t’you.”

It’s not that he thinks about you on a regular basis or anything! Not at all! Get that look off your face, Lehnsherr! “So, there’s really no reason t’be smirkin’ like the cat who got the cream.”

"Give me one good reason as to why I shouldn’t be smirking when you have just stated that by simply looking at a colour that you are reminded of me.”

Yeah this smirk isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

"I think that would cause anyone to grin, really. Especially when it concerns someone like yourself."

1 month ago


He’s certain Erik’s aware he’s a dick, but reminders are always good.

"I just sort of meant in general, really. Meant with all the affection possible, of course."

It’s not even a cognizant choice to flirt with Erik, it just happens and he’s always been powerless when it comes to this man, even when he’s doing his best ‘I’m cross at you, mister’ routine.

Now you put away that coy smirk, Mr. Lehnsherr. You’re being accused of being a dick you have no right to smile.

"Of course. I appreciate the display. I am still wondering if something must have occurred for you to suddenly think of me… or perhaps I am always on your mind and you just happened to express your feelings this time around?"

Because lord knows the Doctor is a bit iffy when it comes to the expression of anything.

1 month ago


"You’re such a dick."

You could at least have the decency to REMEMBER running out on him!

"I would hardly think you would be surprised to hear that this is not the first time I have been greeted in such a manner."

Excuse me how is this his fault.

"What have I done this time?”

01 . 07 . 2014


she takes the offered hand and curls up against his side, her head on his shoulder. 

Sometimes, my heart is just heavy.

I suspect it’s all the years I can’t remember catching up to me.

You can’t remember? Don’t tell me you have a spot of amnesia as well? My god, is it contagious?

[Erik rests his head upon hers, holding her hand carefully as he speaks.] I understand the feeling of a heavy heart, I truly do. There is no need to explain it to me. You are more than welcome to be in my home, but next time I would appreciate a bit more warning.

[Because if he had his mutation, she would have had some knives for company as soon as he noticed her existence.]

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30 . 06 . 2014
{ she moves her head up to stare at him with a pouty face. } Wine cures everything, right?

Right. Now come, sit up properly and let me listen to your woes.

[He offers the pretty lady his hand, hoping that she will actually take it.]

3 months ago


[As ever, the TARDIS sits quietly just within reach. Her top lightbulb glows soft and warm when she’s mentioned, and a general air of exasperation seems to radiate from her.]

Right, the TARDIS does that, [the Doctor mentions, looking at his ship, pointedly ignoring her input], kind of stays unnoticed, but not really? It’s her cloaking device.

[Doors open with a snap of his fingers and he steps inside, leans against some railing near the console. Her engines purr, and the lighting responds as well, greeting Erik warmly and familiarly.]

She always has liked you.

[There’s already a smirk on his lips as he walks through her open doors. It drops only slightly when he enters the console room, but that is due to his wonderment taking hold of him. With what he has left, he extends his meager mutation towards the ship and touches what part of her she can. Erik closes his eyes and lets out a sigh of content.]

I like her too. [He then opens one eye, smiling up at her like the cheeky bastard he is. His eyes then move to Theta, and he offers up a shrug.] So. Tea? Or are you going to give me the grand tour first? [Because really, he wouldn’t mind seeing more of this beautiful ship. He likes hearing her little whispers in his ear. It’s like a dialogue only he is allowed to listen into.]

3 months ago
{ she makes more sad noises and topples over all the way - looking vaguely like an upset teenage girl. }

Lilly. [Erik tuts, setting the bottle on the table as well. He looks to his guest on the floor, shuffling about to properly close the book he was reading before taking a spot beside her on the couch.]

Come now, Lilly, what is the matter? Can I at least pour you a glass of wine?